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Solution Areas

We provide clients with a wide range of solutions targeted to the needs of their organization aligned with respective market requirements.  Although no service provider can deliver expert advice for every scenario, our team encompasses a myriad of real-world operational expertise covering extensive business scenarios, while focusing on areas that are critical to success in today's business environment.
Supply Chain


Supply Chain Management includes the movement and storage of  materials, WIP inventory and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. Supply chain management has been defined as the "design, planning, execution, control and monitoring of all global supply chain activities"; the net objective is to create net value, develop a competitive advantage, leverage worldwide logistics and synchronize supply with demand while providing global performance metrics to evaluate ROI.


Our team of professionals collaborate with our clients' internal and external resources to deliver objective evaluation of critical resources and supply chain infastructure to assist in optimizing their critical resources.




Project Management

Reductions in cycle time and cost and delivering innovation are all mantras of today's business environment.


At the same time, the key challenge of a project team is to meet all of the project goals and objectives while identifying the challenges presented by a respective organization's structural constraints. These include scope creep, schedules, quality requirements (and their inherent cost) and budget constraints.


Conversely, the short timeline of many "projects" is in sharp contrast to many of the on-going functions of a business which deliver the normal goods and services.


Delivering on a project's objectives and metrics, rallying internal and external resources and expectations requires development of specific strategies and related skills to deliver results.


Strategic Planning


There are a myriad of processes by which organizations have historically defined its strategy and direction.  As a result, they have made decisions regarding allocation and/or acquiring resources to pursue this strategy. 


From this effort, an organization has defined a  "Vision" for what it wants to be, a "Mission" to define its fundamental purpose and an outline of "Values" or the beliefs shared among the stakeholders.


Today, the relationship between strategy and results is continually tested. Subsequently, the focus is shifting towards identifying the desired results, coupled with prioritizing resources, assigning metrics and all related steps to meet these results.


We'll work together to provide the insight to define the desired results and associated requirements.


Technology Commercialization

Innovation drives the future.


Regardless if the technical concept relates to IoT, VR or social media, the goal of identifying, prioritizing and developing the appropriate strategy to deliver revenue that separates market innovators from followers.


There is a constant evolution of technologies that hold promise at the ideation stage of development. 


Our team can provide insight and engineering experience on moving from concept to incubation and evaluation of commercial feasibility. Subsequently, we'll work together to refine the model, identify the resources and develop a roadmap to market entry and sustainable financial returns.

Retail Execution


A brand  is a strategic asset defined not only by its financial equity but the way it is presented to end-users regardless of distribution channel..


Regardless if you looking to expand your retail presence in the domestic market or expand your brand footprint across the globe, our team can leverage a myriad of relationships and extensive knowledge of global markets to help execute your strategic goals.


A comprehensive evaluation of your sales targets, pricing strategy, competitive environment and global trends will allow for resource focus, target execution and revenue growth.

Talk with us, our team has a long track record of proven results.


APP Development

​With the continued evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) the interface between software and these devices and their subsequent functionality defines the user experience. The resulting expansion of touch points requires more than simply having an "APP";  rather the conceptual development, design and process mapping which allows for a streamlined delivery both in iOS and Android platforms.


We provide a variety of engineering support services through direct resources or alliance partners delivering seamless results on time and on budget.


Our engineering portfolio includes software development, mechanical, acoustic and electrical engineering; along with structural design and related CAD services.


We'll work with your team to provide full turnkey execution to meet the needs of your target audience.

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